Take the Stress Out of Weekly Dinner Planning

What you’ll get :

Every Sunday we send out FIVE curated recipes to make your life a little easier. Each recipe is simple and easy to make and we strive to make sure they are nutritionally balanced and contain mostly whole foods. The internet is over run with recipes. You don't have time to dig through all of that. Let us do it for you.

Sample Email Excerpt:


Healthy & Fun

Each recipe contains mostly whole foods and will pull you out of your Taco Tuesday rut.

minimum prep

Minimum Prep

Easy to follow recipes that include tips to help you prep your dinners faster with minimal clean up.


From the Pantry

Recipes are fun and interesting but don't require you to purchase tons of ingredients you have never hear of.

“I'm gonna try all of the recipes. And I love how you tell me I don't need sides when the recipe doesn't need them. Thats the part that always stresses me out. What do I put with this meal that doesn't make a zillion more dishes?”

Abby I.

“I was so tired of searching for new recipe ideas. I love that I get 5 interesting, but EASY, recipes each week. ”

Sarah L.

Don’t Wait, Making Dinner is Inevitable!